About Us

Pawn’s Logic is a musical project, begun in 2010 by Jack Nielsen. The singer-songwriter from Central Idaho had written and performed songs on acoustic guitar as far back as 1984, but the impetus for recording music and pursuing a larger sound did not emerge until after relocating to Southern California in 2007.  At the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains in Fontana, California, he began writing and recording in March of 2011.

The gradual process of creating the concept album, Under the Mountain, coalesced around the pioneering spirit of Jack Nielsen’s parents, who operated a farming and ranching operation from 1947 to 1992.  Set on the waning, American frontier, in Central Idaho, Under the Mountain is the fictional epic of Christian and Dorothy Rasmussen, two children of the Great Depression, who married on the eve of World War II and later returned to Christian’s birthplace.  There, they struggled to scratch out a marginal existence, experiencing tragedy, as well as triumph, and raising a family along the way.  The concept album was completed in June of 2016.