Under the Mountain

Prologue: At the close of the Great War, Lars Rasmussen purchased the Ghost Creek Ranch in Central Idaho with the intent to improve it for a quick sale.  His son, Christian was born under the Mountain as Lars struggled to improve the property, but no one bought the ranch.  Eventually they leased the property and moved on.

Give me all the Hell I own
But take me back to the mountain
Where I came from
Unnerved, but pleased to walk alone
Take me back
Purge me on the shale slides
I reached for the summit
and thought that I could fly
But I slipped, falling from it
And I bruised my head and heart
So bad I could not forgive myself
The king upon the mountain
The Mountain gave me life
I only wanted to be something
If I could have the strength to
Try when I’m bruised, Try when I bleed
But I’m not there, I’m going back
Under the Mountain.

When you wake up cold and tired
You’re always wide awake
By the time you’re back ’round six AM
The icy silence is your choir
Preach to that–don’t look to your congregation
The grapes of your harvest
Are corked in the bright lights
And your faith in the market
Is a church for fools and demons
and you’re on the business end.

The king within the mountain
The mountain saved my life
To build this house up out of nothing
I would need the strength to
Try when I’m bruised, try when I bleed
I need a savior I’m going back
Under the mountain.

Don’t need money, don’t need fame
We’ve made it through all the hard times
Without either
We’ve had each other, it’d be a shame
You know to lose us would be to lose ourselves

The pinnacle beckons
But I’m just fine down here.
It’s not that I’m chicken
But I’ve taken every road to Rome
And they all lead me home.

The king that is the mountain
the mountain is my life
I could have never been without it
I could have never, ever
Tried through the bruises
Tried through the pain
I never quit,
Now give me back to my mountain.

Chapter III: “Big War”

Words and Music by Jack Nielsen
© 2011-2014 Jack Nielsen
℗ 2011-2014 Jack Nielsen
Performed by Pawn’s Logic ™
from the Meta-Ballad
Under the Mountain.

Nylon string & steel string acoustic and electric guitars: Jack Nielsen
Bass: Jack Nielsen
Vocal: Jack Nielsen