Through the Darkness (Shining: Part 3)

Heard the tale of romance
Two people find each other
And so begins the dance.
They touch, they kiss and they fall in love:
The world seems brighter.
But the story doesn’t end
With palaces and regal dress and
Happily-ever-after, my friend
The idol of young love has feet made of clay:
The world seems darker.
Their fantasy has ended
And if they make it through the darkness,
They just might shine.

Heard the legend: love is forever
Stealing kisses, holding hands and
Growing old in a lifetime with each other.
They’ve fallen and failed and let each other down,
But somehow held on.
They went through it all together
And somehow made it through the darkness
And so they still shine
After all these years, they’re still shining,
Through the happiness and tears.
They’re still shining –

Chapter XV: “Under the Mountain”

© 2015 Jack Nielsen
℗ 2015 Jack Nielsen
Music and Lyrics by Jack Nielsen
Performed by Pawn’s Logic ™
from the Meta-Ballad
Under the Mountain

Steel string acoustic guitars: Jack Nielsen
Vocal: Jack Nielsen