So Free

The Ghost Creek Ranch’s water came from snowpack on the Mountain.  In the spring and summer, the melting snow percolated into underground streams.  Water flowed from the Raining Rock into Ghost Creek.  When the demands of the ranch allowed, Christian and Dorothy would steal away to the headgate with the children .  At the foot of the Mountain, all was right with the world.

Driven by high-octane pressures
Given to Faustian bargains
To choose a life in a cube
With a house and some cars
And Damocles’ sword
On the thread of a word
Is the farthest thing from your mind
I hear the wind’s melody
On a fugue composed by the mountains
No time, key or coda,
It flows and it grows and it rings
And I don’t know the words
And I can’t find the chords
But I keep on singing along . . .

Feeling so free

Thronging toward islands of stone
Longing for rivers of mercy
The hunger inside cannot be denied
Wrong or right
And it’s not selfish greed
That creates such a need
That these nights might not be lonely
Echoes of rich harmony
Singing duets of passionate searching
In our youth we were warriors of truth
Our spines made of steel
In our hearts we all yearned
To recapture the burn
To make that feeling last . . .

When it’s so free . . .

I hear a voice on the waves
Singing arias from the ocean
It’s not in a key from A-flat to G
But their measures run long
And Major and minor
Aren’t in the design
Of the songs that set you free.

Chapter VI: “Hard Times”

© 2011-2015 Jack Nielsen
℗ 2015 Jack Nielsen
Music and Lyrics by Jack Nielsen
Performed by Pawn’s Logic ™
from the Meta-Ballad
Under the Mountain.

Steel string acoustic and electric guitars: Jack Nielsen
Bass: Jack Nielsen
Vocal: Bethannie Nielsen