Shining Star

I honor my mother, Dorothy – and the unparalleled genius of motherhood – in song.

Under these Western skies
I don’t feel all alone,
Even when I’m all alone
She took me into her heart
And I call her mother
And she is my shining star.

There we were together,
In that time, heading down
The same road.
She made us feel so clever
But I think now that her genius
Has been exposed
And in the wild
She bloomed like a rose…

Under a Western sky
A woman changed my world
When she gave me little girls
And a son to fill our home.
And I call her wife
And our children have
Their own shining star.

Growing up together,
In their time, heading down
The same road.
They could be so clever,
But I think their mother’s genius
Stands alone.
And now our children
Stand on their own:
Their mother and I
Beaming with pride.

Under this Western sky
A family began
With a woman and her man
And into their home children came
A story carried on by
Children of these Western skies:
Your mother shines
As your star.

In this world together
For a time, trying just to survive.
Find your buried treasure
In the genius of she
Who gave you life
And I see your mother’s light
In your eyes.
And one day, my dears,
You too may shine for a child.

Chapter XII: “Legend”

© 2016 Jack Nielsen
℗ 2016 Jack Nielsen
Words and Music by Jack Nielsen
Performed by Pawn’s Logic ™
from the Meta-Ballad
Under the Mountain

Nylon string & steel string acoustic and electric guitars: Jack Nielsen
Bass: Jack Nielsen
Vocal: Jack Nielsen