Needle’s Eye (the Pall Bearer)

a. Christian & Dorothy Retire

Christian Senior and Dorothy were married
Fifty years when they sold the Ghost Creek
They didn’t get what the place was worth,
But it was enough to say their ship came in.
They traveled East to New England
To serve the church that they worshipped in
And it was all that they hoped for.
Then they returned home and they
Shared each others’ lives
Under the Needle’s Eye.

b. The Pall Bearer (Christie’s Little Tree)

We carried Dorothy from the unpaved road
Through the snow. I felt so sad and cold.
I looked for the tree that she once nursed
From the cemetery fence back to the hearse
But I never found the little tree.
Then the wind blew snow down on my arm:
Could it be Christie’s little tree?
Above me its branches were lined with snow
And I could see that its roots went deep below,
Holding our dear, little Christie.
And I didn’t feel sad for Dorothy or for me,
Or – at that point – even for little Christie,
Because the little tree would grow to hold them both.
We carried Christian from the unpaved road
Through the snow, but the sun shone in the cold.
The tree he’d braced up was large and strong.
It held Dorothy and Christie, and before long,
Christie’s little tree would grow
To hold them all.
And I didn’t feel sad for Christian or for me,
Or for Dorothy, or for little Christie,
Because under the Mountain and under this tree
They were home.

c. Dorothy’s Kiss Goodbye

I told my family it’s not a tragic ending
And I can find the silver lining –
Chris and Dorothy showed me how.
And those window lights that have always
Brought me home, well they shine
From those inside.
They’re still with me, I know,
‘Cause Dorothy kissed me, if only
in a dream.

Chapter XIV: “Through the Darkness”

© 2016 Jack Nielsen
℗ 2016 Jack Nielsen
Words and Music by Jack Nielsen
Performed by Pawn’s Logic ™
from the Meta-Ballad
Under the Mountain.

Nylon & steel string acoustic, acoustic electric and electric guitars: Jack Nielsen
Bass: Jack Nielsen
Vocal: Jack Nielsen