My father, Christian Rasmussen, was a towering figure.  I’ve told my son and daughters about the good people their grandparents were, and as they come of age, I pass these stories along to my grandchildren.  Theirs is a proud legacy of triumph through adversity by the last pioneers – men and women who are real, human beings and not legends.

Hey son, let me tell you
About my hero.
He is just a guy, wears jeans,
Like me and you.
And he’ll polish up right nice
If the reason calls him to it
But I knew him best in his cap and vest
And the dog he drove around.
But he made his mom and Daddy proud
As he eased his father’s burden
And he never quit – not once.
Oh son, you must believe he’s a man,
Not a legend.

Hey girls, let me tell you about a hero.
And if you think he’s good looking,
Should’ve seen him back in the day!
And for those of us who’ve known him
He never ceases to amaze us
In his cap and vest or his Sunday best:
Your grandma by his side.
And he made his wife and family proud
As he lived the good example
No he never quit – not once.
Oh girls, you must believe he’s a man,
Not a legend.

My dearest grandchildren,
Let me tell you about a great man:
He was born in a time and place
So far away,
In a house built out of hand-hewn logs –
And yes, that’s where he raised me –
And this old vest I wear on my chest,
Well it keeps me close to him.
I am but a minstrel,
So proud to bear his legacy.
So do your gramps a favor:
Little ones, keep the story alive
Of a man, not a legend

Chapter XIII: “Needle’s Eye (the Pall Bearer)”

© 2013-2016 Jack Nielsen
℗ 2016 Jack Nielsen
Words and Music by Jack Nielsen
Performed by Pawn’s Logic ™
from the Meta-Ballad
Under the Mountain.

Steel string acoustic, acoustic electric and electric guitars: Jack Nielsen
Bass: Jack Nielsen
Vocal: Jack Nielsen