In the Dark

The war ended, but Christian was still in the Navy.  His parents’ were struggling financially, so Lars, his father, reclaimed the Ghost Creek Ranch in Idaho.  Lars petitioned the Armed services for his two sons’ discharge on hardship grounds, so they could aid him with the improvement and sale of the Ghost Creek Ranch.  Dorothy didn’t like the idea of living in such a remote place, but Christian assured her it would only be for a few years.  Her terms were simple: her guitar came with them, and Christian would take Sundays off for Church.  At the Ghost Creek Ranch, Dorothy raised their children, writing ballads and lullabies to sing them to sleep.

In the dark I feel you breathe
Watching while you’re fast asleep
Here inside these walls
I’ll always keep you safe and warm
Here, within these arms
You’re safe from harm
The night has given you to me,
So delicate upon my sleeve.
Lying here with you
I feel a peace I only knew, once, long ago
Here, with you, in the dark
I find my heart and soul.

Though pictures press a thousand words
A song mints but a few
By the power of music
This moment leaves the queue
And in my mind I often linger here,
With you, in the dark

The child we held now holds herself
A changing visage fills our shelves
The crying voice
That now calls out to us, will one day call us on the phone
The limbs we guard
Will soon stand on their own.
Changes come and time walks on
Its rhythmic heels count just how long.
Before my sight grows darker
And my hearing fades from me,
I’ll crystallize your shining eyes
In melody.

And photographs are markers of
The changes we’ve been through
But memories need words
To make them gifts from me to you
And music is the chalice of this time,
With you, in the dark.

I don’t know about tomorrow:
If the rays will stream down,
Or if the sun will hide its grace
For another day –
Either way – I’ll see the light
In your eyes.
It’s a long way before us.
Let our love be our guide
When the signposts and the roads
Have all disappeared –
Like the years we used to know –
Ah, things were simple then,
But every now and again,
We’ll find that moment
In time together.

Chapter V: “So Free”

© 2012-2014 Jack Nielsen
℗ 2014 Jack Nielsen
Music and Lyrics by Jack Nielsen
Performed by Pawn’s Logic ™
from the Meta-Ballad
Under the Mountain.

Nylon string acoustic guitar: Jack Nielsen
Vocals: Bethannie Nielsen, Jack Nielsen