Following the tragedy at Needle’s Eye, Christian Jr. left the Ghost Creek Ranch with his family.  Christian and Dorothy were in debt from expanding the operation, so he took a job at the mine to pay back their loans.  A heavy year of snowpack gave the Rasmussen’s hope…

Winter gave its blessing,
The Mountain covered in snow.
The stack yard was empty,
The cattle grazed the BLM.
No thunder or lighting
To warn of what might be
Coming down the bar.
The boys rode the ditches
While Dad worked the iron mine.
A mountain of white disappeared
In a blackened sky.
No thunder or lightning
To warn what was coming
When the rain came down.

The sky opened up
and the snow turned to slush:
Into the Mountain and out in a rush
And the creek went black.
Trees and great stones
Ripped away from the banks
The spillway collapsed and
The ancient machinery sank
Into muddy water.

One hundred years
Of great pioneers
Leaned on shovels of broken hope.
Dreams washed away
In one short, dreadful day,
The ages of toil all undone.

(Rain) floodwater rising,
The (came) raging creek cut
Earth and (down) stone.
(Rain) spillway collapsing,
The (came) father,
Provider alone (down).
(Rain) splintered and smashed,
The machinery (came) of past
Years is (down) gone.
(Rain) fighting like Hell,
All the panic (came) that wells
In his (down) bones.
(Rain) God help this father,
This (came) mother,
This family be (down) strong.

I remember he stood on
The banks of the creek that day:
He leaned on his shovel
As the creek roared, white and gray.
There’s no flash of lightning
To match the look I’ve seen
In my father’s determined frown.
I don’t know when it’s coming,
But I know how I’ll answer
When the rain comes down.

(Rain) the brightest lightning
Won’t (came) match what I’ve seen
In his (down) eyes.
(Rain) black water rising,
I’m feeling (came) so
Hopeless inside (down)
(Rain) world is collapsing
I (came) am the
Provider alone (down)
God help this mother,
This father,
This family be strong.

Chapter X: “All We Got”

© 2015 Jack Nielsen
℗ 2015 Jack Nielsen
Music and Lyrics by Jack Nielsen
Performed by Pawn’s Logic ™
from the Meta-Ballad
Under the Mountain.

Acoustic electric and electric guitars: Jack Nielsen
Vocals: Jack Nielsen