Big War (Shining: Part 1)

As the Great Depression was winding down, Christian Rasmussen visited the home of a friend from trade school, where he met his future wife, Dorothy.  When the war began, Christian’s older brother, Ivar, joined the Marines and went to the Pacific.  Christian worked at a factory building engines for planes until his lottery number was called in 1944 and he was drafted by the Navy.

Two kids in the shadow of the Great War
Born a continent apart
Would they have ever met
Had the Great Depression not hit
And scattered folks around?
As crazy as it sounds . . .
Two teenage kids from the Depression
A one-horse town called
Crescent, Utah State.
And who knew throwing socks confessed
That they both felt such tenderness
And would for many years
Through laughter, love and tears

Oh, times were so uncertain
But they dared to be in love
And would these crazy kids get hitched
If they knew a Big War’d hit
And take this man away?
They did it anyway.

A marriage as a prelude to the Big War
Pearl Harbor changed the world they knew
And in her heart, she feared the worst:
The war could take this man from her
And never give him back
He was worth the chance.
A young couple sharing poetry
A loving house built
“In these walls of Time.”
Blessings came: a baby boy
Then a girl, they brought such joy
And a third child on the way
When the war called him away.

And times were so uncertain
But they dared to be a family
That not even a war could split
And if their union came through it,
Surely love can conquer all
Ever standing tall . . .

Two kids in Pensacola.
In each others’ arms again at last
And soon, he’d find his way
Back into her arms to stay
And never leave again,
For this was not the end.

Still shining
After all these years,
Shining, through laughter, love and tears.

Chapter IV: “In the Dark”

© 2014 Jack Nielsen
℗ 2014 Jack Nielsen
Music and Lyrics by Jack Nielsen
Performed by Pawn’s Logic ™
from the Meta-Ballad
Under the Mountain.

Nylon & steel string acoustic and acoustic electric guitars: Jack Nielsen
Vocals: Jack Nielsen