All We Got

Christian and Dorothy raised me.  I married and my wife and I started a family.  We struggled to provide for our children like our parents before us.  

Sunday came and went
Like flowers in the springtime
And I tried to make it home
But our kids were all in bed by then
Tell me why we try so hard,
Miss them growing up–
Catching glimpses along the way
Giving up such precious time
But it’s what we do just to survive

Fist of iron, will of steel
It’s what we face and how we face it
It’s just us against the world:
You and me, yes we can take it
We’re all we got.

Well, we got a call at work–
They let me take mine on my break time–
Our little girl was in the hospital
They let us leave (I used vacation).
When we met at the ER
The social worker had security
And we held our tongues until
Our baby girl was finally safe again.
And while I smoldered silently
You held my hand and gave
Me the strength to keep my dignity
On the worst day of our lives
We stood side by side
And ever strong.

Fist of iron, hearts of steel
We are strong, we are a family
You and me, we keep it real
And I thank my stars you’re here beside me:
You’re all I got.

And I wouldn’t have come through
The worst days of my life without you.
But they’re not so hard to bear
With you there.

Time’s gone by and the kids grow up
And our daughter’s had a wedding
And I walked her down they aisle–
I’m not the only one who got her there.
Twenty-five years gone by
Since we made our own commitment
And after all that we’ve come through
I guess “I love you” just don’t cut it.
We are all (we are all we got)
We are all we got (all the hell we got)
You’ve given all you have to me
All that I have I gave to you
And when we face the storm
And endless night, we hold on tight
With all we got.

Chapter XI: “Shining Star”

© 2011-2014 Jack Nielsen
℗ 2012-2014 Jack Nielsen
Music and Lyrics by Jack Nielsen
Performed by Pawn’s Logic ™
from the Meta-Ballad
Under the Mountain.

Steel string acoustic and electric guitars: Jack Nielsen
Bass: Jack Nielsen
Vocals: Jack Nielsen